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The datacenter grows better on its right foundation

The new raised floor system, BladeFloor is the result of Tecnosteel team’s experience in datacenter design, and provides a recognized and qualified product, granting appropriate technical solutions and style. We are able to offer a complete product for your datacenter, giving you the choice between a high-strength supporting structures, wear-resistant surfaces, fireproof and self-extinguishing material for edges, and rear surface in aluminum primer. You have possibility of different variations that include aluminum grids for ventilation, galvanized steel perforated modules with several layer sheet, or modules in painted steel sheet for cable passage. Take a look to the new datasheet of BladeFloor.

Tecnosteel enlarges its range of “smart” power distribution units.

The new Actipower 2.0 versions, metered and switched, optimize the energy consumption from the single racks to the whole Datacenter, thanks to the new enhanced measuring system of the following electrical parameters: current load, voltage, power, energy consumption, single outlet status, temperature and humidity. Up to 42 outlets per PDU are available in the metered version.
Actipower 2.0 is able to provide a measure of the power factor cosφ, key information when the datacenter’s PUE must be calculated.
Take a look at the
new Actipower datasheet on at "Energy saving-Actipower”section.

Project “Zephyr” Of Eni.

Tecnosteel participates to the building of one of the most efficient DataCenter: project “Zephyr” of Eni. Tecnosteel has been appointed by Eni for the supply of aisles with high reliability, completely modular, and highest energy savings, features that result from the creation of completely isolated structures where the mixing of cold and hot air is totally prevented.
The main targets of the Datacenter project “Zephyr” are maximum efficiency and energy savings. The presence of Tecnosteel in one of the most innovative Datacenter project is a further appreciation.

Eni among the best datacenters in the Green500 ranking

Eni achieves the 9th position in Green500 ranking, the world’s performance ranking. Eni enters the Top Ten thanks to the efficiency characteristics of the corridors “HPC2 Multibrand” and the air optimization systems provided by Tecnosteel.
The commitment of Bladeshelter cages is to achieve optimal results in energy saving, taking maximum advantage of the air flow management systems. Thanks to the application of “ad hoc” air-lock solutions, the integrated cabling management, the cold aisle containments and the sliding doors at both ends of the corridor, all risks mixing hot and cold air are prevented, guaranteeing the best servers operation servers and the air conditioning system.
The results obtained by the Green Datacenter in Ferrera Erbognone (Pavia) confirm the effectiveness of the most innovative infrastructures provided by Tecnosteel in Varese, Italy.

Bladelighting: solution green for lighting

High efficiency Lighting for aisle corridor. In order to optimize the energy saving, the Tecnosteel technical team developed new led lamp that can light up your spaces with high efficiency and long lasting. Our Bladelighting,system wich is hanged to the corridor roof, is the solution that allows lighting with high intensity and low consumption without heat emission

Tecnosteel, partner of IXcellerate datacentre in Moscow

IXcellerate is an unparalleled carrier neutral datacentre operator in Moscow, offering pure-play co-location designed to meet the standards of financial institutions, multinational corporations, international carriers and major content operators. IXcellerate’s Tier 3+ Moscow One Datacentre is a stand alone datacentre, set over a 15,000m² campus. IXcellerate Moscow One provides clients with a bespoke solution aimed towards solving their unique datacentre requirements, offering co-location services including private and secure cages, combined with on-hand technical support 24/365. IXcellerate plans to increase the co-location floor space to over 5000m², with power feeds planned up to 13.7 MVA. Tecnosteel is cooperating with IXcellerate and supplying BladeShelter solutions for their modern datacentre, high end “T7” datacentre racks, “Bladerunner” enhanced cable management systems, “Actipower” smart Power Distribution Units. Our partnership with advanced datacenter operators like IXcellerate is a further affirmation for BladeShelter solutions.

New DataCenter "GREEN" for POSTE ITALIANE in Turin

The DataCenter that Poste Italiane is building in Turin recently represent the state of art of green DataCenter technology. In order to guarantee the maximum energy saving and the lowest enviromental impact it is necessary to have a modular and scalable structure to optimize the use of the available space. The Turin structure includes 12 “aisle”, the name adopted to indicate the corridors where two batteries of racks have been positioned in front each other, for a total of over 160 T7 racks. The supplying of Bladeshelter line products includes more than 300 Actipower, “intelligent” PDU, switchboards in “row” and the new control system BIM (Bladeshelter Infrastructure Management). The BIM allows to have a costant control of most of the problems that can occur in a datacenter, change of enviromental parameters, failure of conditioning or alimentation line. But the important news is that BIM allows to calcolate Datacenter PUE, parameter that is becoming essential in the design of new installations.

BIM: Bladeshelter Infrastructure Manager

BIM, network management software for Datacenter status monitoring. Our centralized BIM management console enables the creation of graphics and reports that give a quick global vision of datacenter system status. With an integrated control system and a tool for infrastructure management, the BIM allows to generate datacenter allarms in real time. In case of fault, malfunction or parameters alteration, the system produces a series of reports and sends email or sms. The use of mobile devices, smart phones or tablets allows to have an immediate overview of the full infrastructure context.

Certification Antiseismic NEBS zone4

The rack T7, thanks to its structural characteristics, guarantees the safety of the apparatus even in particularly critical conditions. The system allows the rack to "absorb" an earthquake, even in the most violent, with minimal vibration. In essence, the server positioned in the rack are not damaged, thanks to the oscillation of the whole structure which contains them.

PUE: Power Usage Effectiveness

The principle of PUE plays a vital role when the device management and energy efficiency are closely linked to the proper functioning of the system, cost-saving and environmental protection. An efficient and virtuous DataCenter should employ almost all its energy input for the devices operations and running, trying to reduce to its minimum the "overhead" consumptions (such as the energy for cooling and for the power conversion). The PUE measures how efficient a datacenter is when using the electrical power feeding it. Formally, the PUE is an indicator given by the ratio between the total power absorbed by the DataCenter (TP) and that used by the IT equipment only (ITP).


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