Protection and safety in your company
Each installation arises from a project designed onto your needs, according to your specific requirements and our experience,
configured to obtain low consumption in order to respect the environment

Tecnosteel is an innovative reality, with more than 60 people, motivated by the desire to create new development opportunities and oriented to a constant expansion. In fact Tecnosteel extends its influences in Europe, North Africa and Middle east markets.

Try to imagine millions of data daily flowing within a company.
Workflows of work communicate from inside the company across all the world, information that from outside reach all the departments of your production reality. This data flow generates again millions of data as an answer, going faster and faster. This is a modern company, this is, today, the entrepreneurial world. This is also your business.

Tecnosteel designs and produces datacenter excellence and is known by national and foreign companies thanks to highest quality products where design, innovation and care are perfectly integrated..

Our main added value is the capacity to satisfy any customer’s request with competitive prices and time saving solutions, in the respect our policy based on the ethic:
from the choice of partners who respect regulations, and refuse labor exploitation, to the “responsible” technological investments, in the full respect of our environment.

The design evolved, the "Made in Italy" that distinguishes our Company, the technological solutions developed around your needs, the same satisfaction of our customers derive not only from the technological resources that we use, but from the precious and careful work of the people who control those resources . We trust the persons, we believe in professionals, our target is the organization in order to manage a company that we want to be "agile", capable of prompt and efficient answers.
The new requirements from the market and the high competitiveness drove most of the companies towards a fast production capacity to give an immediate response to market needs with absolute reliability of their product. Many of these entities rely on Tecnosteel for ensuring high security in the transmission and preservation of business data.

A great team with more than 60 people dedicated to technological solutions for businesses that require advanced DataCenter. A motivated team in providing only excellent solutions, rational, safe and reliable.

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