The future is in our hands
Keeping up with the news of the IT industry.
We manufacture state of the art “ Green”, safe, reliable products for Datacenters

Always ready to technological innovation.
We offer products designed for matching future actions for the preservation of the environment, related to sustainability
The energy saving is what better characterizes our Datacenter.
Always looking for optimized consumption in respect of the environment.

Datacenter Cooling with high efficiency , continued monitoring of them, create “green” and efficient solution .
Benefits that we achieved successfully and that we have implemented in our system production: we can offer them to you to give a new impulse to your production reality. We offer them in products and excellent and refined solutions, totally reliable and safe. Cooling that guarantees high energy efficiency, with modularity and with the capability to read the thermodynamic environment profile in which it is located.

Power Distribution systems with sophisticated monitoring software of main electric parameters, including energy and power factor.
Monitoring system of all environmental parameters that can identify datacenter failure and prevent damage.

Cabinets with higher strength also compatible with critical seismic environments, with all the accessories needed by the organization and safety of the DataCenter.

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