Towards the industry 4.0

High technology ready for total automation

All production and R & D phases are carried out in the 6000 square meters of the headquarters. The robotic lines, the high professionalism of the staff and the strategic location allow us to offer a competitive and quality product.

The technique and the steel

Here is the meaning of our name revealed. In fact, most of the products are made of steel. In 2014 we calculated that the trucks that in 15 years have given us the raw material would form an uninterrupted column from our headquarters in Florence. In 2019 we will tell you if it is cheaper to transport by road or a continuous belt that comes directly from the foundry .

The project is immediately produced

Approximately 6500 meters of data cable connect the technical office to the cutting, punching and folding devices. A unique system, tailor-made for Tecnosteel that allows with a few preliminary preliminaries to create new products in a single flow.

Robotized welding

Combining the elements and creating stable and lasting unions is a matter of calculation and precision, so the welding robot can not be missing.

Coating and Coulors

The last generation epoxy Powder Coating department allows constant staining with a high degree of resistance and protection.

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